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  • Final Conference of the TEMPUS project CaSA, 26-28 September 2016, Novi Sad
  • CaSA dissemination at the Conference Water and Fish 2015
  • U naucnom casopisu Poljoprivredna tehnika broj 2015-2 objavljen je prvi od 3 priloga kojima se CaSA predstavlja citaocima.
  • Need analysis for knowledge refreshment of agricultural school teachers and extension service advisors in agriculture
  • NaRA Constituent agreement


The timing of the main project activities and particular deliverables are given in the GANT Chart (EN / SR)“kick off” meeting, SC meeting, Disssemination plan, NaRA agreement, web site, ATL trainings, Academic skills trainings.


The CaSA project proposal defined its wider objective as contribution to Improvement of agricultural education (AE) to meet the needs of Serbian society. Specific objectives are: Improvement of quality and availability of vocational agricultural education; Strengthening of professional and pedagogical competences of educators;
Creation of the “open source“ repository for educators in the area of agricultural education. The CaSA project will permit improvement of AE by introducing trainings in active teaching/learning (ATL), communication skills, e-learning, together with newest knowledge emerging from research activities that will be incorporated in the vocational courses, thus ensuring professional upgrading of educators in agriculture.
By creation of the National Repository for Agricultural Education (NaRA), sustainability will be assured since networking of all stakeholders in AE will be possible. Online courses and teaching material, live stream trainings, results from the research projects, and different data bases will be available in NaRA after project life-time.