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  • Final Conference of the TEMPUS project CaSA, 26-28 September 2016, Novi Sad
  • CaSA dissemination at the Conference Water and Fish 2015
  • U naucnom casopisu Poljoprivredna tehnika broj 2015-2 objavljen je prvi od 3 priloga kojima se CaSA predstavlja citaocima.
  • Need analysis for knowledge refreshment of agricultural school teachers and extension service advisors in agriculture
  • NaRA Constituent agreement

Work packages and activities

The CaSA project consists 11 work packages composed of coherent and complementary sets of activities: WP1 Creation of the Repository, WP2 Assuring infrastructural support for NaRA functioning /Development of resources, WP3 Improvement of competences of university teachers, WP4 Modernization of teaching contents, WP5 Improvement of competences of AMS teachers, WP6 Improvement of competences of experts in extension services, WP7 Pilot implementation of vocational courses, WP8 Quality assurance control of project activities, WP9 Dissemination of project results, WP10 Exploitation of project results, WP11 Project Management.