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  • Final Conference of the TEMPUS project CaSA, 26-28 September 2016, Novi Sad
  • CaSA dissemination at the Conference Water and Fish 2015
  • U naucnom casopisu Poljoprivredna tehnika broj 2015-2 objavljen je prvi od 3 priloga kojima se CaSA predstavlja citaocima.
  • Need analysis for knowledge refreshment of agricultural school teachers and extension service advisors in agriculture
  • NaRA Constituent agreement

Partners List


 University of Belgrade,

Who we are: The University of Belgrade, UB, the largest and oldest university in Serbia is placed amongst the top 500 world universities. Among 31 UB faculties, the Faculty of Agriculture, UBFA, ( is a HE institution covering all aspects of agricultural production and food technology. Reformed curricula started in 2007 and all study levels were accredited in 2009 and 2013. UBFA has introduced e-learning. UBFA provides vocational training for advisory extension services and professional exams for agricultural middle school teachers. What we do in CaSA: We will act as a coordinating institution and will be responsible as WP leader in 3 WPs: for equipment purchase, project results exploitation, and project management. UBFA will assure a project secretary and host and maintain the National Repository for Agricultural Education, NaRA. UBFA will organize the kick off meeting and a workshop in Belgrade to define structure and content of NaRA, and participate workshops with EU and Serbian partners. 15 teachers from UBFA will be trained in ATL, academic skills and e-learning. They will develop and implement classical and e learning vocational courses.


image2_resizeUniversity of Novi Sad,

Who we areThe University of Novi Sad comprises 14 faculties located in the four major towns of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina: Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin, and Sombor. It is the second largest university, among six state universities in Serbia, comprising 43.770 students, 3.711 of teaching staff and 359 of study programmes. The University of Novi Sad is recognized as a reform-oriented University at both regional and European level. The Faculty of Agriculture (UNSFA - has played the leading role at both University and country levels in promotion of university-enterprise cooperation. Major curricular reform at UNSFA (2005) and development of the capacity for the strategic planning boosted its enrolment in international projects. What we do in CaSA: Leader of WP9 - Dissemination of project results. UNSFA will develop and maintain the CaSA project web site, plan and organize dissemination activities, publishing of manuals and guidelines and dissemination activities for the Final Conference. Also engaged inWP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, W7, WP8, WP9, WP10 and WP11. Contributing to development of the NaRA and management activities as SC member.


image3_resize University of Kragujevac,

Who we are: The University of Kragujevac is a modern educational and research center embracing all major areas of teaching and research, and presently comprising 12 faculties with 17000 students and 1000 academic staff. The academic and professional studies in agriculture have been organized at Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak ( ) since 1978. What we do in CaSA: UNIKG is a leader of WP4 – Modernization of teaching contents, and a coordinator in the activities: 4.1. Report on need analysis and conclusions; 4.2. Acquired knowledge on good practices by UT; 4.3. Classical vocational courses; 4.4. Online vocational courses. UNIKG at Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak is to host young University teachers (2014) and of secondary schools teachers (2015) at courses in ATL, academic skills and e-learning. Also, in December 2014 Faculty of Agronomy will host a Workshop with the participation of all CaSA partners. The conclusion of this workshop will be the list of courses which will have to be prepared by the trained young University teachers until April (vocational) and July (e-learning) 2015 for secondary schools teachers and experts in extension services. 


image4_resize Educons University,

Who we areThe first private University in Vojvodina. It is a result of recognizing the needs of students to be educated in different scientific fields, and it therefore includes: 7 faculties among them the Faculty of Ecological Agriculture in Svilajnac. EDUCONS provides bachelor degrees in academic studies, master academic studies, specialist and doctoral studies. All study courses at University EDUCONS are accredited. Currently it has over 2000 students, and over 100 academics. Its management structure and programs are fully in compliance with the standards of EHEA. What we do in CaSA: Faculty of Ecological Agriculture, will act as a leader of the WP7 - Pilot implementation of vocational courses by coordinating implementation of both classical and web based courses. EDUCONS will participate in all other WPs.


image5_resizeState University Novi Pazar,

Who we are: First state integrated University comprising 10 departments, 55 study programs, (bachelors, masters and PhD), 340 teaching staff, 4.000 students, Department of Chemical and Technological Sciences includes 3 study programs: Agricultural production, Food technology (bachelors, masters) and Biotechnology (PhD). What we do in CaSA: Leading role in WP8 activities: 8.1. Creation of QC body. 8.2. Development questionnaires for training courses evaluation, 8.3. Analysis of questionnaires for training courses evaluation, 8.4. QA of vocational courses by peer review of EU partners, 8.5. Development of questionnaires for vocational course evaluation, 8.6. Analysis of questionnaires for vocational course evaluation. Also engaged inWP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, W7, WP9, WP10 and WP11. Contributing to development of the NaRA, dissemination plan and management activities as SC member.


image6_resizeAssociation of middle agricultural schools

Who we areAims of the Association are: preparation, promotion and realization of the program of development of secondary education in the sector of agriculture, food production and food processing; protection of the rights and interests of association and its members in the education sector in Serbia; suggestion of activities and measures in education to governmental offices and subjects that do not belong to governmental; making decisions according to law and other regulations, direct work in the agricultural education; getting information and giving contribution in developing knowledge in the scope of work concerning agriculture, production and manufacture of food. What we do in CaSA: We will lead the WP5 - Improvement of competences of AMS teachers. AMS will coordinate trainings in both ATL and e-learning. Also engaged in WP1, WP2, WP4, WP7, WP 8, WP 9 in WP10 and 11 as SC member by participating in report preparation, meetings and conferences.


image7_resizeInstitute for Science Application in Agriculture,

Who we are: The Institute is a scientific research institution, founded 60 years ago. It mainly works on research and experimental development in bio-technological sciences, i.e. applied and development multidisciplinary research in the areas of agriculture and rural development. Over decades, IPN has been transferring scientific innovations to the Agricultural Extension Service of Serbia and farmers. The IPN was officially appointed in 2010 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management as an institution in charge of trainings and improving the knowledge of extension agents and farmers. The IPN represents a link between the MAFWM and 22 extension offices in Central Serbia. What we do in CaSA: Leader of WP 6: Improvement of competences of experts in extension services, 6.1. Training of agronomists in extension services in using e-learning platform and 6.2. Training of agronomists in extension services in communication and project proposals preparation skills. Also engaged in WP1, WP 4, WP8, WP9, WP10 and WP11. Contributing to development of the NaRA, dissemination plan and management activities as SC member.


image8Educational forum,

Who we are: A think-tank organization that performs research and advocacy concerning education and science. Forum consists of experts from different fields (psychology, pedagogy, agriculture, chemistry, physics, biology, math, economy, medicine, etc) and has a lot of collaborators among academics and practitioners. Education Forum (EF) has the high expertise in education, particularly in developing active learning/teaching (ALT) methodology, teacher education, learning in online environment, quality of textbooks and instructive materials, academic skills, education standards, and rural education. What we do in CaSA: The main Forum’s role is the work on improving teacher’s competences. It comprises: 1) Training of university teachers from Serbian faculties of agriculture in active learning methodology, in academic skills as well as in learning in online environment and 2) Training of teachers from agricultural secondary schools both in ALT and in learning in online environment. Also engaged in monitoring of the CaSA project quality: in collaboration with BSN EF will develop the questionnaires for training courses evaluation and will make the analysis of training courses feedback questionnaires.


image9_resizeBalkan Security Network,

Who we are: A Belgrade-based NGO providing support and advice on project development through: 1. Training courses on how to access EU funding for projects; 2. Support for project management, 3. Expertise in communication and lobbying skills; 4. Expertise in networking; 5. Expertise in project impact and sustainability. What we do in CaSA: WP3 Activity 3.2 (M2-7) Training workshops for university professors in academic skills: 1-day courses on generic skills; WP4 Activity 4.1 (M6-11) Contributing to needs analysis for vocational courses: to identify training needs; WP6 Activity 6.2 (M14-16) Training workshops for extension experts in communication and proposal writing skills: 2-day courses; WP8 Activities 8.2 (M5-7, 14-16) + 8.3 (M17-23) Developing questionnaires for academic skills and communication skills courses and their analysis for quality control and Activities 8.5 (M22-23) + 8.6 (M26-35) Developing questionnaires for pilot vocational courses and their analysis to assess course impact. Also engaged in WP1, WP9 and WP11. Contributing to development of the NaRA, dissemination plan and management activities as SC member.



Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,

Who we are:Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MPNTR) performs duties related to research, planning and development of primary, secondary and higher education and students standards. It is responsible for the development and promotion of scientific research aimed at scientific, technological and economic development as well as for establishing and implementing policies and strategies of scientific and technological development. What we do in CaSA: Within the project Casa MPNTR participates in all the activities and especially in encouraging the development of distance education and the creation of the National Repository for Agricultural Education - NARA, which should better link and intensify cooperation of all stakeholders involved in all levels of agricultural education and training in Serbia.




Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania,

Who we areThe current organisation of USAMVBT comprises six Faculties: Agricultural Management, Agriculture, Animal Science and Biotechnologies, Food Processing Technology, Horticulture and Veterinary Medicine covering 22 B.Sc. and 26 M.Sc. specializations with over 7000 students and over 500 teaching staff. The university has continuously expanded the scope of cooperation with research and educational institutes and institutions in Romania and especially from abroad, being currently connected with 25 universities from 15 countries. Besides the basic pillars of the USAMVBT mission, the education, the research and the university extension and consultancy the training of specialists with higher education, as well as continuing education became part of the mission statement and on-going strategic development. What we do in CaSA:In CaSA experts from EU partner Universities will monitor project realization and as members of SC. Dr. Salasan was EU expert for 2 TEMPUS JEPs, and introduced distance learning for FAO and for a SEE Core Group, created and maintained one TEMPUS JEP online communication and learning platform. In CaSA he will lead WP1 - Creation of the Repository. Also engaged in WP4, WP8, WP 9, WP 10 and WP 11 as member of SC.


 University of Maribor, Slovenia,

Who we areThe University of Maribor (UM) is one of three Slovene state universities comprising 16 faculties. UM has established e-learning Centre based on Moodle and is providing e-learning knowledge to university stuff and students. The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences (FALS) is a teaching and research institution with mission to provide university and professional education based on own research and using University Agriculture Centre with 400 ha as training centre for students and other interested in different fields of agriculture.. FALS provides educations for advisory service and secondary school teachers, but also approved lectures and presentations for farmers included in agri-environmetal programs. What we do in CaSA:University of Maribor was chosen for its known expertise in distance learning and vocational training.UM is using Moodle 2.0 software and will assist UBFA in the transition from the older version of the software to 2.0, and in Moodle implementation at Serbian FA. In CaSA experts from EU partner Universities will monitor project realization and also will participate in: WP1, WP4, WP7, WP8, WP), WP10, WP11 as members of SC and assist Serbian partners to define structure and content of NaRA



 University of Foggia, Italy,

Who we are:The University of Foggia (Italy) participates in the CaSA project through its Department of Economics and, more specifically, throught the experts of its "Rural Development Research Unit" and those working at its company spin-off "Innovagritech S.r.l.". The work group is composed of its leader Prof. Francesco Contò (member of the steering committee), Prof. Pasquale Pazienza (member of the quality control body), Prof. Caterina De Lucia and Dr. Nicola Faccilongo". What we do in CaSA: We are committed to the project with the following tasks: 1) participating in the workshops in Belgrade (WP1) and assisting the Serbian partners in the definition of the detailed structure and content of the project; 2) monitoring the implementation of the project; 3) helping the comparison of experiences and the exchange of good practices among partners (WP4); 4) coordinating the implementation of professional courses (WP7); 5) contributing to the quality assessment of the project implementation as a member of the quality control body (WP8); 6) performing peer reviews of the vocational training courses; 7) participating in the dissemination of the project results (WP9); 8) assisting Serbian Universities and other academic partners